Twoflü is a graffiti artist, born in Madrid in 1980, who currently resides in Mallorca. From a very young age, Twoflü was surrounded by hip-hop culture, attracted by graffiti and the different forms of artistic expressions that emerged from the streets.

TwoFlü’s style shows influences of his travels and his passion for cultures, especially to Far Eastern countries. There is an impressive fusion of all kinds of textures, frames, portraits, effects, and illustrations combined with typographies to convey a message that transcends the viewer into a deeper consciousness.

In the recent years Twoflü has collaborated in various artistic projects for ‘Heart Ibiza’, showcased in Adda Gallery, and in Hotel Paradiso. He has also contributed with well-known artists in Ibiza and the US such as Necko, Aida Miro, and Jerom. His first exhibition was in ‘Club Diario’ in Ibiza.

Today, Twoflü works in his studio continuing to develop his artistry while completing commissions for different brands and companies.